Our Duties

Being the maintenance company of Oasis Beach Resort Kamchia since 2008 and having a wealth of experience and knowledge, we fully realize the crucial importance of the proper upkeep of the complex. We are devoted to our job and we do our best to protect your investment as we believe that this is the key to success. We as part of our maintenance agreement include, provide and perform the following services and tasks: 

  • 24/7 Security Services;
  • Cleaning of Common parts and public areas;
  • Cleaning, maintenance and chemical treatment of the pools on site;
  • Periodic thorough checks of water piping and electricity systems throughout the complex;
  • Roof inspections and replacements of broken tiles;
  • Gutters and spouts clearing and cleaning;
  • Maintenance of waste water purifying station and sewage water;
  • Maintenance and operation of water pumps and hydrophore installation;
  • Cleaning and treatment of water tank;
  • Upkeep of gardens, greenery and rockery - including chemicals, machinery and labour;
  • Maintenance of all 10 lifts in the complex;
  • Redecoration and repairs to interior common areas;
  • Regular apartment checks for leaks and dampness;
  • Regular checks on water and electricity installations of apartments
  • Airing of apartments on rotary basis to prevent dampness and mould;
  • Cleaning of snow from balconies and flat roofs;
  • Maintenance of services areas;
  • Upkeep of gym and public toilets;
  • Key handling (upon request)