Maintenance Services




(Period 1st September 2020 – 31st August 2021)

This Agreement is made between: PREMIER BG Ltd., whose registered office is: Varna, 40, St. Constantine & Elena St., Quarter Vinitsa, 9022 Vama, BULSTAT 148090599, represented by Dobrin Tzerkov, hereinafter referred to as SERVICING PARTY of the first part, and all apartment owners of Oasis Beach Resort, in the area of Bliznatsi Village, Municipality Avren, District Vama, represented by The General Acting Committee, hereinafter referred to as SERVICED PARTY.

The two parties have agreed that:

    1. The services listed below a carried out by the SERVICING PARTY from September 1st

2020 until August 31st 2021 at a price of 8 EUR/sq m, exclusive of VAT, multiplied by the total area of

each of the 200 apartments at Oasis Beach Resort, including their relevant common parts.

Payments are made via PayPal, in cash or directly to Premier BG Ltd Bulgarian Bank Account. Net amounts (less the bank/PayPal charges) will be reflected on accounts Statements. 

Payments are made in one off transfer- by Sept 30th 2020 


in two installments, as follows:

first installment (50% of the due amount) by the 30th September 2020 and

second installment (remaining 50% of the due amount) by February 28th 2021

    2. Utility bills for COMMON PARTS ELECTRIC and water WATER are covered

for the 12 month period by a flat charge of EUR80 per apartment, payable by Sept 30th 2020,

Payments are made via PayPal, in cash or directly to Premier BG Ltd Bulgarian Bank Account. Net amounts (less the bank/PayPal charges) will be reflected on accounts Statements. Payment is made in one off transfer.

    3. Personal electricity meters will be read by the SERVICING PARTY every month and

invoices will be issued provided usage of electricity is detected. Bills must be paid within 15 days of the invoice date.

IMPORTANT: Provision of services is subject to complete, on-time collection of the invoiced maintenance

amounts from ALL apartment. In case maintenance fees are not paid accordingly, Premier BG

reserves the right to withdraw certain services.

List of maintenance services - Oasis Beach Resort:

- 24/7 Security Services –year round;
- Cleaning and hygiene of common parts and public areas - year round;
- Cleaning, maintenance and chemical treatment of the pools on site - seasonal;
- Maintenance of pools electrics installations, pipes, valves, pumps, filters, machine areas, winterization of pools and pool equipment -pumps and filters. (Replacement of broken pumps, valves, filters, pool tiling and electric installation due to ageing and exploitation is not covered by the maintenance agreement).
- Periodic thorough checks of water piping and electricity systems located in common areas - year
- Roof inspections -periodic- twice a year
- Replacements of broken sloped roof tiles - year round ( damages caused by force
majeure circumstances such as earthquakes, plane crashes, falling objects, hurricanes, blizzards etc are not covered by the maintenance agreement);
- Gutters and spouts clearing and cleaning - twice a year;
- Maintenance of waste water purifying station and sewage water – year round;
- Maintenance and operation of water pumps and hydrophore (including pre and after season checks) - seasonal (repair and
replacement of broken parts due to ageing and exploitation is not covered by maintenance fee);
- Cleaning and treatment of water tank- twice a year;
- Upkeep of gardens, greenery and rockery - including chemicals, fertilizers, herbicides, machinery, machinery repairs and supplies, labour and fuel -
- Mowing perimeter around the complex 2-4 meters on left and right hand side of the complex - including machinery, supplies, fuel and labour.
- Maintenance of 10 lifts in the complex -seasonal - through commissioning a licensed lift company (repairs and replacements of broken lift parts are not covered by the maintenance agreement);
- Maintenance of garden lights.
- Redecoration and repairs to interior common areas periodic- once a year (repairs to areas damaged by force
majeure circumstances such as earthquakes, plane crashes, falling objects, hurricanes, blizzards, roof leaks, fire, deliberate breakage by people are not covered by the maintenance agreement);
- Cleaning of (once a year) and replacement (when needed) of broken lights in the entrances
- Cleaning of snow from flat roofs – periodic, off season;
- Maintenance of service (basements) areas - year round;
- Upkeep of gym and toilets in both A and B block bars - seasonal
- Communication with Utility Providers, such as Energo Pro and Water Supply Company
- Regular apartment checks for leaks and dampness on rotary basis off season;
- Regular checks on water and electricity installations of apartments on rotary basis - off
- Airing of apartments on rotary basis to prevent dampness and mould on rotary basis - off
- Key handling (upon explicit written request by the apartment owner(s))
- Winterization of apartments - periodic, starting 15 Nov -
- re-installation of hydro systems is done after written request by the owner of the apartment
Winterization includes, but may not be limited to:
turning off water supply to the apartments and entrances,
draining boilers and pipes, putting salt in toilets to avoid freezing, turning off electricity from
apartment’s main switches, ensuring all doors and windows are properly shut, wrapping of water meters.

Apartment check refers to:

A member of the staff inspects the apartment for leaks from windows, sills, seals, patio doors. Should there be water penetration, the apartment is mopped, then aired immediately or as soon as the weather allows it, windows and doors will be shut if blown by the wind.
Should the apartment be damaged by earthquake, blizzard, hurricane, flood, fire it will be reported to the owner.
Small leaks, dampness, mould and blistering (events that do not affect directly the integrity of the apartment and the complex) are not automatically reported.

Invoices and Payments


INVOICERA.COM will be used by Premier BG for issuing invoices and tracking payments. Each apartment is set up an individual account at:

Payments and Payment options:

1. In cash on site

2. Via PayPal to:

Please add 4% PayPal charges to the invoiced amount.

3. By Bank Transfer:

ProCredit Bank Bulgaria
Name of acc. holder: Premier BG ltd
IBAN: BG61PRCB92301416819611
Currency: EUR
Bank HO Address: Bulgaria, Sofia, bul. Todor Aleksandrov 26:
Please put as reference your name and apartment number.

Please bear in mind the bank transfer charges!
(please contact us about the denomination of the due bills in GBP prior to each payment. Google inc exchange rate of the day will be applied)

Bank transfer charges absorbed by payer

Dobrin Tserkov
Complex Manager